BCB Coating Lime 400g

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Coatings special features:


No smoke

No plastic burning smell

Thermally stable

Resistant to weathering and chemical degradation

Strong mechanical and tensile strength properties


Able to withstand high pressure conditions

Able to withstand high heat conditions

High degree of wear and abrasion resistance

Reduced friction resistance

Good flame retarding properties

Benefits of shooting Bullet Corp bullets include: 

Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling

No Smoke

No plastic burning smell

Range friendly

Bullets feed well in automated bullet feeders

Shoot higher velocities without lead fouling

Can be shot through polygonal rifling (Glocks)

Technical Details

Colour: Lime

Size: 400g

Coating Instructions available HERE

Additional information

Weight400 g

1 review for BCB Coating Lime 400g

  1. Joe S. (verified owner)

    I started reloading cast bullets about 15 yrs ago using lee liquid alox and did not like the sticky mess. Switched to powder coating about 9 yrs ago, it worked good for me most of the time. Getting the powder to stick properly is sometimes a challenge, then standing each bullet up with out disturbing the powder coat can be time consuming. I have used other hi-tec coatings in the past. Bullet Corp coating is very easy to mix and simple to apply. Perfectly coated bullets my first time. 400g coats a good amount of bullets.

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