BCB Coating Gunmetal 400g

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Coatings special features:


No smoke

No plastic burning smell

Thermally stable

Resistant to weathering and chemical degradation

Strong mechanical and tensile strength properties


Able to withstand high pressure conditions

Able to withstand high heat conditions

High degree of wear and abrasion resistance

Reduced friction resistance

Good flame retarding properties

Benefits of shooting Bullet Corp bullets include: 

Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling

No Smoke

No plastic burning smell

Range friendly

Bullets feed well in automated bullet feeders

Shoot higher velocities without lead fouling

Can be shot through polygonal rifling (Glocks)

Technical Details

Colour: Gunmetal

Size: 400g

Coating Instructions available HERE

Additional information

Weight400 g

8 reviews for BCB Coating Gunmetal 400g

  1. goodmanbg (verified owner)

    If you’ve tried Hi-Tek you owe it to yourself to try this! Great, color, smoother coat than HT, less smoke, and every bit if not more effective of a coating. I used PC and HT for years and have made the decision to move to this product full time. I’ve already got more colors on the way! And the customer service with this company is amazing, the owner is engaged with his customers and is incredibley helpful. It’s nice to see a business that cares about their customers and really buys the customer’s needs up front like this guy! It’s a absolutely pleasure to do business with him. And I will continue for the foreseeable future. Oh yeah, I’ve already got more colors on order, have to keep those calibers and loads color coded!

  2. Scott Kelly (verified owner)

    I have been using a different bullet coating product for a little over three years and really like it. But Bullet Corp Bullet Coating is easier to work with and the end results are better looking by far.
    They ship super fast from right here in the USA. I got my order two days from placing it.
    I will be switching my bullet coating product.

  3. Scott K. (verified owner)

    BCB Coating is way easier to use than what I was using before. The results are more consistent.

  4. Max (verified owner)

    Coats great and shoots just as good.
    Color is awesome too!

  5. Matthew Bowker (verified owner)

  6. Robert Gaul (verified owner)

    BCB coating is much easier to work with than the products I used before. The finished product is absolutely beautiful, nice, and shiny.

  7. KRISTY (verified owner)

    Great Customer Sevice!

  8. t p BARBOUR (verified owner)

    1st batch, I put the coating on a little heavy but they sized and came out ok. Second batch, I used less (thinner) coatings and they came out really good. Used 20 g. powder & 120 ml. (50/50 acetone & denatured alcohol). Will buy again. My first experience coating bullets.

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